Saturday, February 25, 2012

Save This Farm

An Unknown Talent
Jake has proven he can do more than sleep, eat, chase cows, and disguise his scent with cow pooh. He can predict bad weather. Yesterday we were having heavy rain and some rumbling of thunder, but nothing we were really concerned with. Suddenly Jake went to the door giving us his "I am waiting for you to open the door now" look. We did as he requested. He went onto the porch sniffed the air, growled, ran back into the house and hid under the table. We chalked this up to just being Jake. Within a few minutes the wind and hail began. We turned on the weather channel to find we were under a tornado watch. Way to go Jake!
Weather facts:
1) this has been the hottest winter ever (or it could be menopause)
2) when Jake goes under the table, go with him
3) ignorance is not bliss

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