Monday, August 9, 2010

Green and Debt Free - Day 42


That splashing sound you hear is me crying in my beer. We just received the highest electricity bill in the history of living in this house. We have done all the things we did in the past and then some to keep this bill as low as possible, but we and most of the east coast have enjoyed one hot summer.

I know you should not wish your life away....but right now winter doesn't look that bad (I did say right now). I am ready for hot tea instead of iced tea, knitting without needing a fan blowing on me, and quilts on the bed. I did see an advertisement for a craft store with Halloween items so I know there is hope. To everything there is a season, I am just ready for this season to cool off.

goal #1 - going green - I am trying

goal #2 - debt reduction - I am trying

goal #3 - enjoying the good life - I am trying

At least I get something for effort...right?

Friday, August 6, 2010

Green and Debt Free in 2 Years - One month down, twenty-three to go!

If you do something for a month, it becomes a habit. We have all heard that when it comes to adding something good to our lifestyles. Well maybe. I have been on my green brick road for a month and somethings are second nature and somethings are well....still being worked on.

The trash thing has become a habit. Nothing is put into the trash bag without failing these three tests-is it reusable?-is it compost able?-is it recyclable? Then and only thing is it thrown away. These three questions have reduced our trash by 80%. (yeah team, we actually have a composting bowl)

Combining trips has definitely become a habit. I still have a half tank of gas from last month.

We have plugged our TVs and cable boxes into a power strip to turn off all the power when we are not watching TV. Sadly this is still a work in progress. (you would think flipping a couple of switches at night wouldn't trip us, but..)

Money has been saved by reducing purchases, electricity use and gasoline. We have not dropped below the $100,000.00 mark, but we are closing in.

goal #1 - going green - a lot of success, but room to improve

goal #2 - reducing debt - $4,000.00 improvement

goal #3 - enjoying the good life - every step along this path feels like a step in the right direction

When you hear a loud HURRAY, you will know we have broken the $100,000.00 mark!