Saturday, February 4, 2012

Save This Farm

Some girls have no fear...
I am not sure who is the bravest girl, the one holding the feed or the one coming close enough to eat it. We had some help yesterday with the cow feeding chore. We were busy measuring the feed, calling the cows, and never realized our three year old granddaughter thought cows were fed by hand. As soon as we sat the buckets of feed down she reached in, grabbed a hand full of feed and put her hand through the gate.
My cow, #71, of course was the first to try eating from Mallory's hand. By the look on Mal's face I know she feels the same about a cow's tongue as I do; a cross between a cat's tongue and a slug. (rough and slimy)
Reasons girls have no fear:
1) they are born that way
2) Jake has our back
3) we never listen when people tell us no

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