Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Save This Farm

Somethings You Never Forget
36 years ago our older son, then two years old, came running into the house screaming, "Daddy, Daddy come quick, there's a SLUT on the front porch". Well, two things happened that day; Bob broke the sound barrier running to the front porch and slugs became forever known as sluts in our house.
So, imagine my joy when sluts invaded my strawberry patch and the dog food bowl. Research has again become my friend. I found three cures for sluts on the Internet. Cure #1 - commercial slut repellent (just too boring). Cure #2 - beer (sluts just love beer and will fall in and drown; gives new meaning to drowning your sorrows in beer). Cure #3 - corn meal (seems sluts love corn meal as much as they love beer; problem is they can not digest it). Decisions, decisions??
Why I chose corn meal:
1) it is cheaper than beer
2) Jake can not get drunk on corn meal
3) I won't be offended when the store does not ID me for purchasing it

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