Sunday, April 22, 2012


Last week we had a cow with an enlarged teat (yes, I used that word in a sentence).  We researched and researched.  The only thing we found was mastitis (another new word).   So...we gave her a shot of antibiotic.  We watched and she got worse.  We were trying to decide when to call a vet and which vet to call.  So, over breakfast we decided to see how she was today and call the vet in the morning if we saw no improvement....I was feeling very, very low about the whole farm situation.....

about thirty minutes later my brother called saying, "I know what is wrong with your big teat cow. (got to love a brother).  (I am thinking she died, but he is laughing)  She had a baby last night."  Well,,,,relieved it was just having a baby; embarressed about being so ignorant.

Ways starting a farm is like having your first baby:

1)  you quickly figure out you have no clue.

2)  your dog is of little help.

3)  just when you think you can't do the nasty stuff any longer, they give you a smile.

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